Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are on vacation together, and the Internet is making jokes again

LeBron James Says He Only Has Three Good Friends in the NBA


Remember that time LeBron James said he only has three good friends in the NBA? He apparently wasn't joking.

The four best friends that anyone could have -- LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony -- are currently relaxing in the Bahamas on vacation together, just hanging like a bunch of bros. Some documentation of their vacation has emerged online, and as you could imagine, Basketball Twitter had some fun.

For instance, here are the buddies riding a banana boat (sans 'Melo, who's replaced by Gabrielle Union, Wade's wife):

And here are some mean jokes about the friends riding the banana boat:

But there was more! Wade also fired up his Instagram to throw up a photo of a toast. To #BrotherHood!

In a vacuum, it's a heartwarming shot. But the Internet is not a vacuum, and recent context makes this photo vulnerable to hilarity:

If you're a public figure, even the most innocent photos lend themselves to becoming meme-ified. Unfortunately for the NBA brethren, these snapshots -- and their accompanying Internet jabs -- will live on forever.

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