15 things you're better off buying used

3 Things to Consider When Buying Used

Some things are worth dishing out more cash for, and can pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

But you could save hundreds, or thousands, of dollars if you forego the tempting, new and shiny edition for its just-as-durable used version.

Here are 15 things to consider buying secondhand:

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Textbooks can cost upwards of $200 for some science courses, and for a pre-medical student with a full class schedule, that could mean dropping up to a grand on reading material — per semester.

When possible, renting, borrowing ,or buying books secondhand are the simplest ways to save.

A few of our favorites sites to save on textbooks: Amazon's Book Rental, Chegg.com, Half.com, and Swap.com.

Children's clothing

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We wouldn't recommend going the used route on important items like car seats or strollers, but when it comes to children's clothing — which is likely to get wrecked by smashed carrots anyway — there's no shame saving.

Try browsing reputable thrift shops in your neighborhood or, of course, asking friends and family for handmedowns.

And if all else fails, try re-seller sites like Swap.com or ThredUP.


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Everyone loves that "new car" smell, but hear us out on this one.

The minute you drive a fresh car off the lot, its value drops by about 20%. Imagine the value lost after just five years.

You'll want to be weary of hitting the used car lot before doing your research. Sites like Kelley Blue Book are great places to get an idea of how much a used car should be worth.

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