Which 10 NFL quarterbacks have the most to prove in 2015?

Broncos Deny Trying to Trade Peyton Manning to the Texans

By Brandon Lee

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Every NFL offseason is filled to the brim with stories and predictions revolving around players that need to take it up a notch. Sometimes these players have had a bad supporting cast, superstars that seem to choke under pressure and guys that need to step up to be worth their hefty price tag. With that in mind, here are 10 quarterbacks to watch in 2015.

10. Andrew Luck – Indianapolis Colts

In three years, Luck has never missed a game, completed 58.6 percent of his passes for 12,957 yards, 86 touchdowns and 43 interceptions. That is the best three-year start for any quarterback of all-time, therefore the expectations going into 2015 are enormous. The team went all in during the offseason and brought in impact players like Andre Johnson and Frank Gore. Indianapolis wants this to the be the championship year, and they will lean heavily on Luck to get there. Both NFL and fantasy football analysts are salivating at his potential, but how much higher can he go?

9. Blake Bortles – Jacksonville Jaguars

During Bortles' rookie season in Jacksonville, he was sacked a league high 55 times. His only wide receiver to play in all 16 games was undrafted rookie, Allen Hurns. Injuries also plagued the running backs, all of which struggled to get through a bad offensive line. People already want to throw in the towel on this guy, so he needs to prove that with a better situation, he can be a much better QB. Adding key players like tight end Julius Thomas and rookie running back T.J. Yeldon should help, but Bortles' mechanics need to also improve.

8. Teddy Bridgewater – Minnesota Vikings

This guy is Mr. Potential. In his rookie season, Bridgewater started 12 games and posted a 64.4 percent completion rate without the team's superstar, Adrian Peterson. Now that Peterson is back and the addition of wide receiver Mike Wallace to stretch the field, the pressure is on for Bridgewater to master Norv Turner's offense and take a huge leap in 2015.

7. Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins made some waves when they signed Tannehill to a six-year, $96 million contract extension. Even though only a fraction is guaranteed, a lot of people wondered whether or not he had earned a spot among the highest paid signal-callers in the league. He needs to take control of this team and get them to the playoffs. Period. He's improved every year in almost every statistical category, but can he lead a team to wins? That's what the fans want.

6. Nick Foles – St. Louis Rams

If you play fantasy football, Nick Foles could be a cheap plug-in player that could get you a ton of fantasy points... or he'll be your worst nightmare. In a surprising move during the offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles traded Foles to acquire Sam Bradford. Chip Kelly has an interesting mind, so everyone is wondering how all of this will work out. Foles took the league by storm in 2013 when he threw for 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions upon taking over for Michael Vick. Last year, his stats came back to Earth. Hard. Prior to getting hurt, he threw 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. St. Louis doesn't offer the greatest of weapons, and Chip Kelly needs to be credited for much of Foles' positive stats. New team, new start or the beginning of the end?

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5. Drew Brees – New Orleans Saints

It's hard to find an offseason football conversation where no one brings up the "inevitable decline" of Drew Brees. It's also difficult to imagine him without Jimmy Graham, but Brees wants to prove he can succeed without his favorite target (especially late in his career). In a disappointing 2014, Brees threw for 4,952 yards, 33 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. He hadn't thrown for less than 5,000 yards since 2010, but it's hard to believe he'll get his numbers any higher this year after the team pretty much cleaned house and decided to focus on improving their putrid defense.

4. Colin Kaepernick – San Francisco 49ers

Kaepernick went from Golden Boy to Has-Been in one year. His turnover problem was the real issue, scoring just 19 touchdowns to 10 interceptions and fumbling five additional times while running the ball. In better news, his passing yards, yards per game and completion percentage went up in 2014, so if he can hang onto the ball, he could bounce back. This offseason has been a disaster for the 49ers and they need Kaepernick to lead this team and improve his mechanics to have any hope of competing in the NFC West. If Kaepernick struggles again in 2015, expect more changes in San Francisco.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo – New England Patriots

Due to a deflated balls controversy, Jimmy Garoppolo will more than likely get a chance to show what he's made of at the beginning of the season while Tom Brady watches from home. Playing well during Brady's suspension could open doors and lead to a huge payday. Who would have known that after filling in for Brady in 2008, Matt Cassell would be the likely starter for the Buffalo Bills seven years later? Matt Flynn certainly cashed in after he impressed as Aaron Rodgers' fill-in. The sky's the limit and his bank account would love an upgrade.

2. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals

This guy might have the cushiest job in all of football. Since being drafted in 2011, the team hasn't brought in competition even when Dalton's numbers have been subpar. Last year, he only averaged 212 yards per game and threw 19 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. Yikes! Sure, A.J. Green had some injury issues, but Dalton needs to shine in 2015, and finally win a playoff game...

1. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

For three quarters of the 2014 season it looked like Peyton was going to add a sixth MVP season to his already storied career. But like the three years before, he was stopped short and he's become known for his end-of-season declines more than anything else. In 2014, he did play through a torn right quad for the last month of the season, but that doesn't explain all the other years of losing steam. Manning took a $4 million pay cut to go for the championship one more time, no doubt more inspired by his friendly rival, Tom Brady, and his "late in career" Super Bowl win.

But, unlike the other "Peyton Manning has a lot to prove" articles, I'm going to end with a list of his most recognizable records (he holds over 50) as a reminder that he's certainly made his mark. Yes, you can question whether he cracks under pressure during the big games, but his talent and contribution to the game of football is proven no matter how the 2015 season unfolds.

– Most Career Touchdown Passes: 530
– Most Single-Season Touchdown Passes (2013): 55
– Most Single-Season Passing Yards (2013): 5,477
– Most Seasons with 4,000+ Passing Yards (1999-2004, 2006-2010, 2012-2014): 14
– Only QB with at least 6 touchdown passes in three games
– Most games with at least 5 touchdowns passes and no interceptions: 5
– One of only two QBs to complete 80% of his passes in two playoff games (tied with Kurt Warner)
– Most Postseason Losses: 13 *
– Most First-Round Postseason Losses: 9 *

* The issues.

Which signal-callers do you think have the most to prove once the 2015 NFL regular season kicks off?

Editor's Note: We're hosting a one-day $20,000 fantasy baseball league on FanDuel tonight. It's only $10 to join and first place wins $2,000. Enter by 7:05pm ET (today, July 9th). Here's the link.

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