Warning: These 16 recipes might offend you

By Food52

The official New York Times account tweeted the following: "Add green peas to your guacamole." The President of the United States responded that he was "not buying" it, there were calls for the Times to delete their Twitter account altogether, and the newspaper's public editor declared it another "Grape Salad" crisis, using the hashtag "PleaseNoPeas."

We laughed along, until we looked deep inside ourselves and realized that we, too, put peas in our guacamole. And white beans in our hummus. And celery in our Caesar salads in place of croutons. And a whole slew of other things that might offend classicists.

If you thought pea guacamole was crazy, here are 16 other recipes that might make you cover your eyes:

16 recipes that might offend you
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