The touching reason people are getting semicolon tattoos

Semicolons Are the New Way to Discuss Mental Health

For many, tattoos represent more than just ink. Often times, there is a hidden story or emotional motivation that went behind the design. The latest tattoo trend is no exception.

All over the world, people are getting inked with a semicolon in hope of bringing awareness to depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Founded by Amy Bluel, the campaign known as Project Semicolon was created as tribute to Bleul's late father, who took his own life in 2013.

But why the semicolon you may be thinking?

"A semicolon is used when an author could've chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life," the website reads.

Project Semicolon's vision is simple: make sure that every life and story is valued.

The movement has transformed into a growing hashtag (#ProjectSemicolon), with thousands sharing their own road to recovery and others showing solidarity. It has become a world-wide celebration, showcasing the determination for those to come out of dark times and move forward, no matter what.

See the inspiring stories below:
#ProjectSemicolon Tattoos
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The touching reason people are getting semicolon tattoos
I struggle with depression, suicide ideation and anxiety. My story is not over. #ProjectSemicolon #awareness
I did not get this tattoo because I'm an author. It is because I didn't let my story end four years ago. I've been seeing a lot of semi-colon tats lately and it's so heartwarming. For those who are unaware, this movement is to promote "hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury". Keep marching on, little warriors ❤️ #projectsemicolon #roadtorecovery
first tattoo and very important for me #ProjectSemicolon
a #semicolon is used when an author could've end their sentence, but chose not to. the author is you and the sentence is your #life. awareness against #depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide! #projectsemicolon #thesemicolonproject
Our founder, Amy Bleuel (@bleuelimages) showing off one of two her semicolons. #SemicolonProject416 #ProjectSemicolon
You are the author and your life is the sentence- Don't let your sentence end; #ProjectSemicolon
today I promised myself I would never end my sentence. #projectsemicolon @ProjSemicolon
For people with anxiety, depression, addiction & suicide ideation. Your story is not over be strong. #projectsemicolon #semicolonproject416 #awareness #semicolonproject #sisters
My @ProjSemicolon tattoo and all my @alexandani bracelets #projectsemicolon #alexandani #mystoryisntoveryet
Look what we got... #matching #tats - the #semicolon "REPRESENTS A SENTENCE THAT AN AUTHOR COULD HAVE ENDED BUT DECIDED NOT TO." & on the pinky to make a #promise to continue on and not give up 😊 #finger #tattoo #atomagetattoo #newink #life #thistooshallpass #youareyourauthor #semicolonmovement #projectsemicolon
#firsttattoo #projectsemicolon #mystoryisntover

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