The hilarious transformation of every guy 'with the guys'

Why Do Guys Act Totally Different Around Their Guy Friends?

There's a good reason guys don't want their girlfriends tagging along to "guys night." It's not that your man wants some space from you...which probably isn't a bad idea anyway...but it's more that he doesn't want you seeing him in that environment. You won't even recognize him!

It's no secret that our boyfriends transform into ultimate "dudes" or "bros" as soon as they enter the domain of their all-male crew. The sensitive, enlightened man you know and love suddenly becomes an immature little boy. Here's how guys act with their girlfriends vs. with their guy friends.

With girlfriend: "Babe, can we watch 'The Notebook' again? It's just so sad when they die in each other's arms. I can't stop thinking about it."

With guy friends: "Yo are we watching the Cavs game or 'Family Guy' tonight?"

With girlfriend: "I would totally love to do a wine tasting together one day. I think I'm starting to get into wine and I want to become more of an expert."

With guy friends: "Pass me another Natty Light. I'm so wasted."

With girlfriend: "Um...why don't you go ahead and I'll be right there (lets out fart as soon as girl walks away)."

With guy friends: "BOOM I just farted on your face, man!"

With girlfriend: "The guys are just being such jerks to me. Tom finally apologized but I don't know, I'm just still really sick of them treating me like dirt."

With guy friends: "Whatever bro we're cool."

With girlfriend: "I think we need to talk about what happened yesterday. You kind of hurt my feelings and I just want to get it off of my chest because I hate bottling things up and hiding them from you."

With guy friends: "You better shut up or I'll punch you in the face."

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