Strong is sexy: why Amanda Russell deserves the hype

7 Minute Full Body Cardio and Toning Workout

Amanda Russell is fit, strong and sexy. After a career-ending injury, the runner-turned-fitness guru carved a new life path for herself that not only strengthened her mind and body but also inspired thousands to do the same.

The fitness superstar now lives in New York City and helps people take charge of their lives and their bodies with her insanely popular Youtube channel, AmandaRussel.TV. She wrote on her website:

"It took having my life, my fitness, and my body as I knew it taken away from me that I realized the true effect that fitness can have on your life. It's not just about exercise, it's about owning your body, your life and being excited to conquer each day."

According to Brett Hoebel, Trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, Season 11, "Amanda is bridging the gap between fitness, food, fashion and fun." Russell also wrote on her site:

"I believe that fitness is a catalyst for positive change in your life and truly affects EVERY aspect of your being, from your confidence and daily outlook, to your personal and professional relationships, your career, your reactions and beyond."

The female fitness icon is much more than a naturally skinny girl who's lucky enough to travel the world with her workouts. Russell knows what it's like to feel trapped and uncomfortable in one's own body, and she aims to create workouts that break people out of that discomfort and enable them to own their bodies.

Russell started blogging in an effort to share her knowledge of fitness with growing audiences. She launched the AmandaRussell.TV channel on Youtube which gained over 74,000 subscribers and millions of views worldwide. From there, she developed "Fit Strong and Sexy," a workout regimen suitable for all fitness levels based on her training during her days as a runner.

Russell is also a featured Fitness & Lifestyle columnist on The Huffington Post and She motivates people to respect and appreciate their bodies, proving that fitness is about so much more than appearance.

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