Shocking percent of millennials experiences eye strain

68% of Millennials Report Digital Eye Strain

It's safe to say that most millennials spend their day glued to some type of screen whether it's a phone, a computer, or a tablet.

A whopping four in 10 millennials spends at least nine hours on a digital device each day. While spending time on digital devices feels natural, doing so could be putting the health of your eyes at serious risk, causing intense eye strain.

In fact, a recent study from the Vision Council found that a whopping 68 percent of millennials experience eye strain.

Some people don't even know that they're experiencing eye strain because it happens so often and it has become so common. Symptoms of eye strain can include uncomfortable, red, dry or irritated eyes, as well as eye fatigue, blurry vision, watery eyes and headaches.

If you feel like you've experienced some of these symptoms, there is hope for alleviation. First and foremost, do the obvious and step away from your screen. You can also change your display settings on your screen to make it less bright or look into glasses that help reduce eye strain.

For now, just take 30 seconds to look away from your screen after reading this. That should help, right?

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