Reddit's 'Selfies of the Soul' collection is brilliant

Top 10 Weirdest Things on Reddit

Since it was first established in 2005, Reddit has served as an amazing place for groups and communities to come together and share common thoughts, feelings, ideas and interests. Within Reddit, niche "subreddit" communities serve as an even more detailed and specified place for discussion and sharing.

With over 200,000 subscribers, the 'Selfies of the Soul' community has been around for about two years now. Each image is tagged with the title "me_irl", with "irl" representing the phrase "in real life."

Reddit users post memes, gifs and pictures to the "Selfies of the Soul" community in an effort to share a glimpse into their mood, or as they prefer, their "souls." While some users choose to post gifs of celebrities or funny situations, other users actually post pictures and gifs of themselves in their daily lives.

This tight-knit and "soulful" community just goes to show us that Reddit has become more than a place for community. It's become a support system, a place for virtual groups of friends, and a platform that you can post to at the end of the day when your soul is feeling up for a selfie.

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