ESPN colleagues Bomani Jones and Chris Broussard are arguing about chastity on Twitter, because this definitely won't end horribly

Russell Wilson & Ciara Will Stay Celibate Until Marriage


One of Monday's hot topics revolved around Russell Wilson and Ciara's relationship -- or more specifically, the concept of celibacy. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback also brought up some stuff about talking to God, or something. It was an interesting news day.

Afterward, Bomani Jones, of ESPN's Highly Questionable, sounded off skeptically about Wilson's decision to "save himself" for marriage. This really pissed off fellow ESPN-er and born-again Christian Chris Broussard (of "sources" fame). So much so, that Broussard found it a brilliant idea to publicly tweet his colleague about it. Not a DM, or, like, a text message. Tweets!

In response, Jones clarified his comments, explaining that the concept of waiting until marriage is more about controlling women, in his view.

Broussard then responded with some mean hashtags, and the two went back and forth a few more times.

Hopefully these two can simply agree to disagree very soon, because this isn't a very flattering look for the Worldwide Leader.

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