Decoded: ICYMI

ICYMI: Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi Had the Ultimate Prank War

ICYMI, a new acronym is taking over the Internet -- and for good reason. Between Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and of course, reading all of our favorite websites, it's hard to keep up with pop culture or even our friends in day-to-day shenanigans.

Good thing the latest phrase is helping us in the loop. The term translates to "in case you missed it" and offers a quick re-cap into news that, well we missed earlier. Who can blame us — we do work a 9-to-5 after all.

The term is usually used at the beginning of a sentence and is followed by a colon. It can also be used as a hashtag for Twitter and Instagram.

For example:
ICYMI: Zayn left One Direction and totally broke our heart in half.
ICYMI: The Belly Button Challenge was so two weeks ago.
#ICYMI: Manspreading is completely not okay in our books.

Check out these Twitter users are catching you up on all things trending news:

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