Death by selfie stick: man killed by lightning while carrying a selfie stick


A man was struck and killed by lighting on Sunday because he was carrying a selfie stick. He was in the Brecon Beacons during a thunder storm when the deadly bolt struck the millennial-crazed device.

The extended metal arm meant to hold cell phones and take pictures from an ideal distance proved more dangerous than we thought as sources say the man could have avoided the lightning bold sans selfie stick.

A doctor arrived within 25 minutes of the incident to find a Royal Marine cadet attempting to resuscitate the man. The cadet had been training in the Brecon Beacons when he came across the scene.

Four other men were hit in separate lightning strikes on the mountain that day. Two of the men died and two were sent to Prince Charles Hospital nearby.

It is unclear as to whether or not the other victims were also carrying selfie sticks.

Watch this video to see just how dangerous selfie sticks are turning out to be:

Selfie Sticks Are More Dangerous Than You Think
Selfie Sticks Are More Dangerous Than You Think

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