Clever dad teaches his bully son a harsh lesson

Every parent fears that their children will be bullied one day. What parents don't necessarily consider, however, is that their children might become the bullies. This dad took it pretty hard when he realized the upsetting truth about his son's social disposition.

When this father realized that his son is a bully, he decided to knock that bad attitude out of him...literally. The father forced his teenage son to fight a professional boxer as punishment for bullying others. Watch the video:

While this may not be every parent's approach to handling the situation, it sure is satisfying to see a bully get the wind knocked out of him for a change. Violence usually isn't the answer, but in this particular case we can't help but deem it somewhat justified.

We hope the teen bully learned his lesson and perhaps had his ego knocked down a few pegs in the fight. He'll probably consider his time in the ring before he picks on anyone else!

Watch this video to see how another creative parent punished her child for bullying:

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