Women spend 5 months of their working lives choosing clothes

Women Spend 5 Months of Their Working Lives Choosing Clothes

Every woman knows that moment when you stand in front of your closet filled with clothes: You audibly sigh and say, "I have NOTHING to wear."

Even if we factored in parents making some teens change their clothes, the decision about what to wear is worse than we thought.

Researchers at UK corporate uniform store Simon Jersey surveyed 2,000 women and found the average woman spends about five months of her working life picking out the perfect outfit:

"Researchers found deciding what to wear for work, at weekends and for nights out mean women will spend more than an hour of each week simply considering their outfits."

More than an hour a week from ages 18 to 65 -- that totals 20 weeks, or five months.

We're sure Simon Jersey is just tickled with the results -- because one way to cut down on that "deciding what to wear to work" category? Obviously order an outfit from them.

To add to the results in Simon Jersey's favor, 45 percent of women said figuring out what to wear to work was "stressful." The study also found two-thirds of women said wearing a uniform would be less stressful.

There weren't any results for the guys, though -- something Fox News jokingly promised to bring us next:

"How much time do you spend, Brian? That study coming your way, soon," said Fox News anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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