Why men should see 'Magic Mike XXL'

As the audience numbers for "Magic Mike XXL" represent a record-breaking gender split, we decided to help skeptical men realize why they need to see this movie.

While men are likely skipping out on "Magic Mike XXL" because they don't care to be taunted by Channing Tatum's delicious abs, they should instead consider the film as an educational experience.

Why would men skip out on the movie women are flocking to? Clearly they could take some notes from the sweaty gods featured on the big screen. What better way to learn what women want than by witnessing the hyped goods in action?

Furthermore, the movie is about bromance, action, and masculinity. If you ignore the thongs and poles you get a heartwarming story about a bunch of All-American dudes trying to make their way in this crazy world.

If you're still not convinced, consider how many women you could meet by going to this movie. These women are flocking to see their favorite hunks on the big screen, but they'll be thrilled to have flesh-and-blood guys to flirt with pre or post-screening!

We already know that Will Smith will be in the movie theater audience:

Jada Pinkett Smith Says Will Smith

Twitter fiends agree that men should see the film:

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