July 7th: It's National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day

Father and daughter walking in the park together
Want an easy way to create a lasting memory? Take a walk with your daughter. And if you need an excuse, July 7th is Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day!

According to the National Day Calendar, July 7th marks the National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day. Bonding time between fathers and daughters, good/fun physical activity and making memories is the concept of this day.

The memories that are made during your time together will stay with you forever. During the summer season there are many wonderful places to walk and enjoy nature as you spend time talking, laughing and bonding. The time spent together is worth more than any other gift you can give a child, no matter how old your child is.

There's even a Facebook page where you can reveal your plans or even just say how great your daughter (or dad) is.
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