Jason Kipnis uses Twitter to voice displeasure over All-Star snub

2015 MLB All-Star Starters Announced

By Matt Musico

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Leading up to the 2015 MLB All-Star selection show, the big story was how many Kansas City Royals would get voted in as starters. Instead of eight, it got wittled down to four, but that doesn't mean there weren't still snubs. After the big reveal was made on Sunday night, Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis voiced his disappointment in a popular place athletes do it these days... on Twitter.

Throughout the duration of the voting period, Royals second baseman Omar Infante was leading the charge at the position, which enraged those outside of Kansas City. Why? Well, he's not considered one of the best in the league (by a long shot) and his .231/.240/.307 triple slash with no homers and 23 RBI in 264 at-bats showed that these people had a point.

Thankfully, there was a super strong push in the final week of voting by Houston Astros fans to secure the starting spot for Jose Altuve, who registered over nine million votes. Nobody can argue that Altuve isn't one of the best second baseman in the game, and he's having a fantastic year for a first-place team. The reigning AL batting champ is currently hitting .301/.344/.418 with seven homers, 35 RBI and a league-leading 24 stolen bases.

Infante came in a close second, with just under nine million votes, but the second baseman who's arguably having the best season of them all — Kipnis — came in a distant third place with approximately 4.7 million votes.

For a guy who's hitting .341/.419/.506 with six home runs, 35 RBI and a league-leading 27 doubles, he's got every right to be disappointed. He didn't use any words in a corresponding tweet reacting to the news, but this emoji pretty much says it all (brought to our attention by MLB Memes):

Looks like someone needs a hug.

It doesn't really matter how often players say they'd rather win than capture those individual accomplishments — it's still nice to get recognized in the midst of a great season. Now, there's no way Infante makes the team as a reserve over Kipnis, but it would've been more special to get voted in by the fans and actually start the game.

Judging by how good Altuve and Kipnis both are, it seems like these two will be battling it out for All-Star game starts over the next few years. And maybe Omar Infante, too.

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