Former model has inspiring response to Instagram bullying

Women Are Combating Makeup Shaming With a New Hashtag

Women around the world are facing a form of bullying and hatred that has come to be known as "makeup shaming." In an effort to combat hateful comments that are made towards women and their facial appearances, former model Em Ford decided to post makeup-free pictures on her Instagram. She was bullied as a result of posting these photos, but she decided to take a stand in a very unique and creative way.

The former model and beauty blogger struggles with acne, and her blog titled "My Pale Skin" focuses on makeup tutorials that are geared towards girls who also deal with acne.

As a direct response to the hateful comments she received, Ford created a video titled "YOU LOOK DISGUSTING" in which she exposes the truth behind having acne and wearing makeup. Em begins the video with photos of her face makeup-free, baring her natural look, acne and all.

As she shows her makeup-free face, flashes of the negative Instagram comments appear on the screen, giving people a glimpse into the bullying that she endured as a result of posting her photos. As the video progresses, Em begins to apply makeup, showing all of the positive Instagram comments that were posted on her photos of her makeup-clad face. She ends the video beautifully, stating, "You are beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself."

With over six million views, the video has impacted young girls around the world, inspiring them to comment on how the video has changed their lives.

YouTube user doddleoddle wrote:

Watch the full version of the inspiring video below:

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