Fitness fiends are flocking to Blogilates

Peek Inside the Studio of Fitness Guru Blogilates

Two of the hottest millennial trends today are blogging and fitness. Twenty-somethings flock to SoulCycle and Pilates classes by day and digitally blog about their lives and perspectives by night. Thus, fitness guru Cassey Ho kills two birds with one stone, as the saying goes, by combining the two fads.

Introducing Blogilates, a compilation of Pilates and Bootcamp Sculpting workouts set to today's Top 40 Hits. Now fitness fiends can get all the pump-up tunes of a SoulCycle class and the butt-burning of a Pilates session from the comfort of their own homes. Just watch the Youtube videos and get moving!

Ho is certified by NAFC, NESTA and Balanced Body University in mat and reformer Pilates. According to her website, she has worked at every gym imaginable as a Pilates instructor. Ho became interested in Pilates when she saw an infomercial on TV with Mari Winsor while preparing for a pageant at the age of 15. She got certified in Pilates during her sophomore year of college.

She came up with the idea of Pop Pilates while teaching classes at a gym. She enjoyed the energy-boosting music on the radio and decided to start her own series of "upbeat" Pilates classes.

After college, Ho started making Pop Pilates Youtube videos and blogs. Her site also includes DIY healthy food hacks and other tips for staying in shape. She now has over 2.3 million subscribers to her Youtube channel! Ho helps people tighten their cores and trim their thighs one hit song at a time.

Twitter users took to the social media platform to express their gratitude for Blogilates.

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