Boy, 9, catches 600-pound fish

Boy, 9, Catches 600-Pound Fish

"Push him hard now. He'll go. Give him a good boost."

9-year-old Keegan Rothman pushed his massive catch back into the river in British Columbia.

Keegan, who is from New Jersey, was on a weekend fishing trip with his dad when he hooked a 600-pound white sturgeon just hours into the outing.

The Globe and Mail reports it took Keegan nearly 2 hours to reel in the 10-foot beast with the help of his dad and their fishing guide. Officials guessed it was 75 years old based on its size.

Great River Fishing Adventures posted video of the 4-ft tall, 80-pound American releasing his catch for the next lucky kid.

The white sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America and known for growing as long as 20 ft. and weighing around 1,800 lbs!

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