This 19-year-old model could be the next big star

We first spotted Lineisy Montero walking in the Prada show back in March, and noted that "fingers crossed, she and her cropped hair will be the next big thing." Mere months later, she's well on her way. The brand released its fall 2015 campaign, shot by Steven Meisel and featuring its customary models-generously-spaced-out format, today. One of those models? Montero, who also nabbed the cover of this month's Teen Vogue,alongside two other black models, Imaan Hammam and Aya Jones — the magazine dubs the trio "Fashion's New Faces."

Says the cover story about the 19-year-old phenom, "She, along with Aya and Imaan, are among a small cadre of black models to grace the influential catwalk since Naomi Campbell in the '90s," adding that "each accomplishment [of theirs] plays a major role in a progressive sea change that positions diverse faces at the forefront of fashion." Something tells us we'll be seeing a lot more of her.

Lineisy Montero Feliz
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This 19-year-old model could be the next big star
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