Meet Matt Stonie, the man who finally dethroned Joey Chestnut in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

BIZARRE: How to Consume 17,360 Calories in 10 Minutes
BIZARRE: How to Consume 17,360 Calories in 10 Minutes


To Americans, July 4 means several things. To competitive eaters, it means one thing: Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Eaters gather each Independence Day at Coney Island in hopes of becoming the newest hot dog eating champion -- an honor that Joey "Jaws" Chestnut has had all to himself since 2007.

Until now.

Twenty-three-year-old Matt Stonie, hailing from San Jose, California, upset the eight-time defending champion on Saturday, becoming the first man besides Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi to win the contest since 2000.


What exactly does 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes look like, you ask? Well, it's not pretty.


Stonie has competed in Major League Eating since 2011. He's a holder of various world records, including ones for birthday cake (five pounds eaten in nine minutes), frozen yogurt (10.5 pounds in six minutes), gyros (24 in 10 minutes), bacon (182 slices in five minutes) and Twinkies (120 in six minutes).

His YouTube channel is a hit, where, under the alias Megatoad, he has over 650,000 subscribers and is nearing 100 million views.

Here's Matt scoffing down an 18-inch, five-pound burrito in under two minutes:

Here he is doing something we've all considered doing at least once -- eating 120 McNuggets from McDonald's in one sitting:

Feel free to check out his channel for more disgustingly phenomenal videos. We'll be looking forward to seeing Stonie compete next Fourth of July against a motivated Joey Chestnut.

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