Life of 21-year-old California woman claimed by brain-eating amoeba

Life Of California Woman Claimed By Brain-Eating Amoeba
Life Of California Woman Claimed By Brain-Eating Amoeba

Summer brings higher temperatures and warmer waters, and as pleasant as that can be they're not without their share of risks.

Among them is the flourishing of tiny organisms, including Naegleria fowleri, which can cause a fatal infection.

The brain-eating amoeba has been determined as the cause of a 21-year-old Central California woman's death.

On June 16th, she began to experience a headache and vomiting. When her symptoms carried on into the next day, she went to the hospital.

While there, her condition worsened and she was transferred to a medical facility in Reno. On the 20th, the woman went into cardiac arrest and could not be saved.

Tests performed by the CDC came up positive for the deadly amoeba's presence, and officials believe she came into contact with it while on private property.

Naegleria fowleri-related deaths are rare, with only about 130 reported in the past 53 years.

Measures to avoid coming into contact with the organism include steering clear of poorly or unmaintained warm freshwater sources including pools, hot springs, and ponds.

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