Drake scored a penalty on Didier Drogba (Video)

Drake Aims to Drum Up Raptor-Mania

Drake and former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba were hanging out and decided to bust out the soccer ball. You know, that's probably what Drogba envisions doing when hanging out with a rapper like Drake.

This presumably happened in England since Drake performed in London on Friday, so Drake was over in Drogba's neck of the woods.

At some point Drake convinced Drogba to get in goal and let him take a penalty. Drake called the shot saying he is Drogba's biggest fan and that he was sorry before taking and scoring on a penalty.

When it was Drogba's turn to shoot, Drake chickened out and stayed out of the goal.

Of course Drogba is a considerably better striker than he is a goal keeper, he has a trophy case to prove that. Not taking his turn and getting in goal seems like the thing that should hurt whatever street cred Drake claims to have.

What's the worst that happens, a world-class soccer player who has spent his life making millions to beat professional goal keepers who have dedicated their lives to stopping goals gets one past a musician?

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