MasterCard thinks millennials will want to pay for stuff by taking selfies

What Millennials Think About Saving, Investing

MasterCard is taking mobile payments one step further.

Instead of merely using your fingerprint to authorize a transaction like Apple Pay, MasterCard is going to let you take a selfie. Buy a drink with your MasterCard, and the app sends a notification to snap a picture of your face to confirm your identity.

The hope is that Snapchat-obssesed millennials will love the idea.

"The new generation, which is into selfies... I think they'll find it cool," MasterCard's Ajay Bhalla told CNN in an interview. "They'll embrace it."

As an added security measure, you have to blink when taking a selfie. (That way someone wouldn't be able to just hold up a photo of you to trick the app.) MasterCard's app will also support fingerprint scanning for authorizing purchases.

The feature is still in the early stages of development, and MasterCard plans to let 500 cardholders test it before everyone else.

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