Woman shocks 'Jeremy Kyle Show' viewers ... and not for her sob story

Even the prettiest of people carry some seriously emotional baggage. That's why newly single mom Joelle appeared on the "Jeremy Kyle Show" on Thursday after her boyfriend and father of her child stole £1,100, leaving her abandoned and homeless.

However, it's not Joelle's sob story that's catching people's attention. People are shocked to see such a beautiful woman appear on the show. Viewers have deemed the blonde beauty the prettiest person to ever appear on the show. Her good looks are causing a major Twitter meltdown and social media fiends tweet about her stunning appearance.

Watching Joelle's ex explain his gambling problem that led to his stealing money from the knockout, viewers posted tweets saying that Joelle is way too good for such an indecent man. With her looks and charm she could easily find a better guy to date.

Twitter fanatics are deeming Joelle "unreal" and "too good looking" to be on Jeremy Kyle. Hopefully her new Twitter fame will bring her better luck from now on!

Watch this video to see our favorite Jeremy Kyle headings:

The Greatest Jeremy Kyle Headings

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