5 famous alien encounters to celebrate #WorldUFODay

World UFO Day: Celebrate Conspiracy and Mystery

We can't say for certain whether or not we're alone in this universe, but one thing we can agree on is that UFO stories are incredibly entertaining. There's no better day to celebrate World UFO Day (July, 2), than to take a look back at some of the nation's most perplexing UFO sightings. From media sensations to alien encounters, check out the tales that are out of this world.

1. The Maury Island Incident
Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl claimed on June 1947 that while they were patrolling a workboat near Maury island, they saw six doughnut shaped objects in the sky. And when the debris from the UFO fell, both Crisman and Dahl say that it broke a worker's arm and killed a dog. Dahl explained further that he was approached by men in black who threatened him if he spoke out about incident. Unfortunately the story sounded a little too good to be true, and both of the men later retracted their claims saying it was a hoax.

2. Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting
Only a few weeks after the Maury Island Incident, Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot who was flying past Mount Rainier, claims he saw shiny UFOs flying past at speeds of approximately 1,200 mph. After the story quickly stole the attention of media headlines across the country, the press quickly coined the objects as flying saucers.

3. Frank Scully
The American journalist wrote a detailed report in 'Variety' claiming that dead aliens were being recovered from a flying saucer crash. Scully got his information from a scientist he called "Dr. Gee," and went on to pen his 1950 book "Behind the Flying Saucers," which detailed similar instances in Arizona and New Mexico.

4. Aurora, Texas spotting
A local tale claims that a cigar-shaped object hit the small Texas town in late April 1897, where an extraterrestrial body was discovered in the wreckage and buried in an unmarked grave. Since then, the state's Historical Commission has created a sign that mentions the "legend that a spaceship crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot, killed in the crash, was buried here."

5. Roswell sighting
The infamous event has now made the town synonymous with UFOs. After a rancher discovered debris, many locals claimed they had seen the spacecraft and aliens from which it came. In 1994 however, the Air Force gave a conflicting report, stating that the wreckage was from surveillance balloons and the bodies were just dummies. Many remain convinced the government in fact had covered up the extraterrestrial visit.

Of course there have been plenty more of reported sightings in the United States that reach far beyond the West Coast. See how your home state (and even hometown) stood up to the rest in terms of UFO activity:
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Plus, check out how the Twitter-verse celebrated #WorldUFODay:

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