People are finding 'help me' messages under their SoBe water caps and freaking out

SoBe Issues Apology for Bottle Cap Joke Gone Wrong

If you have drank a bottle of SoBe water and looked under the cap and saw a "Help Me" message, you're not the only one.

SoBe drinkers are freaking out after a number of them have discovered somewhat scary messages under their favorite bottled Lifewater. The "Help Me" messages have been popping up everywhere and causing utter confusion and concern.

Umm, not to alert you or anything, but..... I think you have someone in your factory that needs help. LoL

Posted by Thadeous Bach on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hi! Should I be concerned?

Posted by Nini Yang on Friday, June 12, 2015

During lunch at my clinicals I bought a SOBE Life Water from the cafeteria. Everything seemed fine until I opened my...

Posted by Odis Glover on Friday, May 22, 2015

BuzzFeed reached out to SoBe's parent company, PepsiCo, but had no luck. However, SoBe continues to express the same message across their social media platforms:

"Hi there, we're sorry that our cap slogan caused you concern, that was certainly not our intention. These sayings are intended to give our consumers a little smile or pause for thought, not offense, while they enjoy their favorite SoBe beverage. We are planning on removing this cap slogan from our current rotation, however, it will take a while for existing stock to run through the market."

Needless to say, if you see the cap, don't be frightened, no one is trapped, thankfully.

Take a peak at more social media reactions to SoBe's cap messages!

Social reactions to SoBe's cap messages
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People are finding 'help me' messages under their SoBe water caps and freaking out
thank u for ur insight, sobe lifewater cap
My Sobe lifewater is sending me a message from @MalkavianPranks
This was on the underside of the cap of my Sobe Lifewater...Made me laugh & think of @sarahcolonna @joshwolfcomedy. 😂
Spanglish and English I think what's going on #sobe #lifewater
Opened my Sobe lifewater this morning and saw this...
My Sobe Lifewater asked me to marry it. Yes, yes I will. :)

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