Pakistan is very confused about people using the rainbow flag on Facebook

Is Pakistan A Gay Man's Paradise?

26 million people around the world used the Facebook rainbow flag meme on their profile pictures in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to make same-sex marriage a right nationwide and to "celebrate pride."

While the action resulted in a great attempt to spread support and awareness, it was highly confusing for some countries.

Pakistan is one of them.

When Nabeel Khalid posted the rainbow flag on his profile picture, the reactions were appalling and reflective of a nation where religious conservancy and social intolerance are a big matter.

Because we must celebrate.

Posted by Nabeel Khalid on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nabeel pointed out quite a few times in the comments that he supports the universal right to love but many criticized him for being against the islamic tradition.

According to the Guardian "surveys find the country's huge population of young people tends to be conservative: one poll found nearly 40% wanted the country to be run according to Sharia law."

The decision of the Supreme Court was only marginally reported in the mainstream media, but did have quite some traction on social channels, though the road ahead is still very much uphill.

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