founder launches Beats1 'clone' without all the DJs, promos

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So you're digging the music selection on Beats1 but could do without Zane Lowe and company's banter and all those ads? founder and tech entrepreneur Michael Robertson has introduced a clone of Apple Music's new radio station that does nothing more than monitor what's played and then rebroadcasts it on his free 6 Seconds radio app.

Are lists of songs copyrightable? Not likely, so Robertson's PR stunt will probably entice people to at least try 6 Seconds, where the boldly dubbed FreeBeats1 (Ok, that may ruffle Apple's feathers) has been added to the nascent service's roster of 10,000-plus stations.

Robertson told Variety that the songs won't even be in the same order as Beats1 "because there's lots of talking" in the way.

On his blog, Robertson touts the benefits of FreeBeats1 over Beats1, saying his copycat "does not require an iOS device or registering with an AppleID to listen" and points out that Apple Music isn't available on Android yet (it's coming this fall). "Any Android or iOS user can listen and no registration is required."

Beats1 launched within the Apple Music universe on Tuesday. Read our hands-on first take on the service here.

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