Mixing moonshine with sunshine: how to day drink with class

While drinking before sundown might be socially unacceptable during the majority of the year, summer is our one blissful exception. Whether it's 4th of July weekend or just a sunny Saturday, the old adage "it's 5 o'clock somewhere" hits home during those three glorious months.

However, with freedom (to drink) comes responsibility. Here are some day drinking do's and don'ts to keep your day filled with sunshine, coherent conversation, and a brilliant buzz.

Do: Start with something refreshing. Go for a mimosa or champagne to ease you into the drinking mentality.

Don't: Get the morning going with tequila shots and keg stands. It might make for a funny Snapchat, but it also makes for a mean headache by noon.

Do: Eat! It's important to eat BEFORE you drink. Contrary to popular belief, shoving your face with bread when you're already drunk won't "absorb the alcohol." Be sure not to start drinking on an empty stomach.

Don't: Cut the calories. This is not a day to worry about your bikini bod...even if you're currently sporting a bikini. It's great to have fun and look cute but safety always comes first. Do that bod a favor and fuel it up before heading out.

Do: Pace yourself. You've got a long day ahead of you and if you want to make it past sundown you have to take it slow. Don't freak out if you're not feeling buzzed right away. It takes time for the alcohol to hit you so limit yourself and stay patient.

Don't: Take shots on shots on shots. This isn't a contest and nobody appreciates that day drinker who goes way too hard too fast. Just relax and keep it casual.

Do: Dance around with your friends on a roof.

Don't: Dance around with your friends on private property and get arrested.

Do: Snaptchat your friends! Day drinking is the perfect opportunity to snap some cute pics. Caption suggestions: "fun in the sun!" or "It's 5 O'clock somewhere!"

Don't: Snapchat your ex. Nobody wants to deal with the drunk girl annoying her ex-boyfriend in the middle of a perfectly nice afternoon. You can even stalk his Facebook page if you desperately feel the need. But no direct contact.

Do: Flirt with fellow day drinkers. It's the perfect atmosphere to meet a cute guy because there's drinking involved which makes you a bit more confident, but you're not all crammed in some grimy bar with loud music cutting into your conversation.

Don't: Grind up on some random stranger without permission. Desperation is unattractive enough. Drunk desperation is a whole new low. Just don't go there. Keep it classy!

We all enjoy a good day drink. Social media fiends express their love for it via Twitter.

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