Hawaii becomes the first state to prohibit plastic bags statewide

Hawaii First State To Prohibit Plastic Bags Statewide

Plastic grocery and shopping bags have become a matter of great concern due to the damage they can do to the environment.

On July 1st, the Hawaiian island of Oahu instituted a ban on them, following in the footsteps of the Big Island, which prohibited their use in 2013.

Both Maui and Kauai Counties did away with the bags 4 years ago.

Retailers big and small were ready for the switchover from disposable plastic to recyclable and reusable materials.

Tamura's in Kaimuki is giving its customers a free multi-use tote.

It's made of a thick plastic and designed for multiple use.

Target's Kailua store, which opened in March, got a jump on the ban by never offering disposable plastic shopping bags in the first place.

Shoppers are welcomed to bring their own or purchase a reusable one on site.

Stores on Oahu that don't comply with the ban are subject to daily fines ranging from $100 to $1,000.

Exemptions to the law include plastic packaging for meat and bags used to safely transport household chemicals.

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