Decoded: #FromWhereIStand

Have you ever wondered why your Instagram feed is seemingly always dominated by people posting about their feet? While we can't completely comprehend the phenomenon, we can say that the trending hashtag, #FromWhereIStand is behind it all.

Also known as Shoe Selfies, photos normally tagged #FromWhereIStand are usually shots focusing solely on the photographer's shoes (or lack thereof) and literally the ground their standing on. The snaps are taken from an angle that shows what the subject of the photo would see if they were looking straight down, showing off their kicks, jewelry and more.

Of course the hashtag serves as a humble way to brag about everything from beach-side vacations to designer clothing. That's because when you do a #FromWhereIStand post, it has to kick things up a notch. Instgrammers posting their own shoe selfies are getting creative with their posts, highlighting unique floor designs, cool outfits, and even adorable animals.

And at the end of the day, they're just fun to look at -- and equally enjoyable to take.

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