Decoded: #EEEEEATS

The Infatuation: A Delicious App

Everyone on Instagram loves a good food pic. It's probably the reason behind the post after post filled with the hashtag #EEEEEATS. The concept is pretty simple: order or make an awesome meal, snap a cool picture, and brag to all of your friends about your latest #EEEEEATS conquest.

The hashtag was created by the food review blog, Infatuation. It's used to describe incredible close-up shots of meals. After introducing the foodie-friendly tag, the duo behind the website revolutionized how Instagrammers eat and capture their food. With close to a million meals already uploaded, #EEEEEATS is still going strong. And the best part? The posts double as incredible restaurant recommendations.

Check out the mouth-watering pictures below and get your #EEEEEATS on.
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