Check out some of the craziest looking robots researchers are using to impress the Department of Defense

A slew of robots have invaded California to battle it out for robotic glory and, well, cash.

The two-day DARPA Robotics Challenge, one of the most important events in the robotics industry, kicked off last month in Pomona, California. DARPA, which is the advanced research arm of the Department of Defense, sponsors the robotic competition in hopes to discover robotic systems and software that can be used in emergency response situations.

This year 23 robot finalists are competing for a $2 million grand prize. The runner-up receives $1 million and the third-place takes home $500,000.

Needless to say, the robot finalists are pretty crazy looking. While most have limbs similar to humans, some have multiple legs making them look more like spider robots.

Here's a look at some of the coolest looking robots we spotted.

RoboSimian by Team RoboSimian

RoboSimian, which is made by has four limbs and was built by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, stands at 4.5 feet and weighs 200 pounds. It has an ape-like design which allows it to move on four limbs to avoid tipping over.

robot competition robosimian gif

Cog-Burnby Team Grit

Cog-Burn has 34 electric servo motors that help him walk and control other limbs. The robot is on the smaller side standing at about four feet and only weighing about 60 pounds.

cogburn robot gif

Helios (Atlas) by Team MIT

MIT's Helios one of the most terrifying looking robots standing just above six feet tall and weighing over 400 pounds. The machine is built with surprises in mind and can climb stairs and open doors with ease.

Helios Robot

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