10 cheesy recipes for memorable summer meals

With warm weather comes many reasons to celebrate. Whether it's a casual weeknight meal with your family or a Fourth of July barbecue with an entire neighborhood, these real moments capture the essence of the summer season.

Naturally, front and center during any of these occasions is the food, and one way to create a lasting memory of the experience is with a truly unforgettable meal. Our bloggers have shared their favorite ways to create memorable dishes for special warm-weather occasions with fun summertime recipes using Sargento® 100% real, natural cheese slices.

From an upgraded spin on a classic cheeseburger to a sweet, savory and beautiful pizza pie, these recipes are standouts for any summertime get together (with natural cheeses like pepper jack and provolone taking each dish up that extra notch).

Click through the slideshow below to discover 10 incredible ways to use cheese this summer.

10 cheesy recipes for memorable summer meals
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10 cheesy recipes for memorable summer meals

Truffle Burgers with Balsamic-Glazed Mushrooms and Onion-Bacon Compote

Looking for a new spin on a classic? From its lightly-toasted brioche bun to a truffle-scented mayo and flavorful toppings (including velvety Sargento cheese), every inch of this sophisticated burger recipe from Cooking and Beer is mouthwatering. 

Get the recipe: Truffle Burgers with Balsamic-Glazed Mushrooms and Onion-Bacon Compote

Open-Face BBQ Chicken Club with Guacamole and Provolone

Burgers and hot dogs may be more familiar fare at a barbecue, but this open-face sandwich from Domesticate Me is bound to be a bigger hit with guests. A few additions, including barbecue sauce, Sargento's provolone cheese and fresh cilantro, take this club to the next level.

Get the recipe: Open-Face BBQ Chicken Club with Guacamole and Provolone

Peach Barbecue Pizza Pie

Homemade pizza is always a crowd pleaser, and this version from JJ Begonia is the perfect summer meal with its peach barbecue sauce and layered peaches on top. (Using sliced Sargento cheese here is a big time-saver, too.)

Get the recipe: Peach Barbecue Pizza Pie

Ultimate Quinoa Veggie Cheeseburgers

You won't miss the meat with these quinoa burgers. They're flavored with all kinds of wonderful spices, and as Fork Knife Swoon points out, they simply wouldn't be complete without several varieties of Sargento melted cheese.

Get the recipe: Ultimate Quinoa Veggie Cheeseburgers

Cheese and Sausage Kolache

If you're not familiar with kolache, you'll be loving it in no time with this recipe from Kitchen Living with Coryanne. This perfect summer party snack is a savory spin on a classic recipe, and includes flaky puff pastry filled with ground sausage and two kinds of Sargento cheese.

Get the recipe: Cheese and Sausage Kolache

Grilled Italian Stuffed Sandwich Loaf

This jazzed up Italian sandwich from NeighborFood can be made ahead of time and popped on the grilled for a quick meal that's ready in just 15 minutes! It's filled with meat, peppers, onions, tomatoes and Sargento cheese slices.

Get the recipe: Grilled Italian Stuffed Sandwich Loaf

Grilled Peach & Pepper Jack Pizza

A vibrant summer dish, this sweet and savory pizza from Simply Sated is made with flatbread, peaches, ham, basil, honey and Sargento cheese. (Pepper jack adds a hot kick!)

Get the recipe: Grilled Peach & Pepper Jack Pizza

Southwest Pepper Jack Burgers

Garnish & Glaze mixes meat with jalapeno, cilantro, green onion, egg, Panko breadcrumbs and spices and tops it all with Sargento's pepper jack cheese in this Southwestern style burger that brings the heat.

Get the recipe: Southwest Pepper Jack Burgers

Spicy BBQ Chicken Tostadas

It's not just burgers and hot dogs that can go on the grill these days. Tortillas get tossed on the grill and topped with Sargento cheese, beans and BBQ chicken in this summer tostada recipe from The Cookie Rookie.

Get the recipe: Spicy BBQ Chicken Tostadas

Farmers Market Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Skinny Pesto

You can easily customize this sandwich from The Housewife in Training Files with your favorite toppers. This one is filled up with mushrooms, peppers, asparagus and Sargento provolone cheese!

Get the recipe: Farmers Market Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Skinny Pesto


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