Study: Baby blues may mean more dependency on alcohol

Study: Baby Blues May Mean More Booze

Turns out those baby blues may be an indicator of a serious problem.

A new study suggests that the lighter your eye color, the more likely you are to depend on alcohol.

Scientists at the University of Vermont studied data from more than 10,000 people, mostly European Americans and African Americans, who had been diagnosed with at least one psychiatric illness.

Analysis revealed that the genetic variables that determine eye color line up with the same genes related to alcoholism. Those with blue eyes showed the highest rates of alcoholism.
This isn't the first time scientists have studied links between eye color and alcoholic tendencies.

A team at Georgia State University surveyed more than 12,000 people and found that those with lighter eyes consumed significantly more alcohol than those with darker eyes. Their findings suggest that people with brown eyes drink less — and also are less likely to depend on alcohol -- because they don't need to drink as much to get intoxicated.
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