Students use GoFundMe to pay off student loans

Best Ways to Save On Your Student Loan Payments This Year

Students who are in debt will do anything to pay off student loans. While students usually end up working more than one job or babysitting, others have taken more creative and non-traditional approaches to paying off their large sums of money. One student even created his own small home in an effort to eliminate his debt.

Since technology and crowdfunding are more prevalent than ever, it was only a matter of time before students headed to websites like GoFundMe to pay off their student loans. From Tomball, Texas to Tampa, Florida, people are asking for financial support on the crowdfunding site, and oftentimes, their requests are even exceeded. One GoFundMe user asked for $2,000 and ended up receiving $2,969 from a pool of 12 donors.

While some consider creating GoFundMe accounts to be the manifestation of a pity party, using the platform to pay off student loans is actually pretty brilliant.

Would you create a GoFundMe account to pay off your student loans? Let us know in the comments below!

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