President Obama tweets support of the Bulls re-signing Jimmy Butler

The Big Lead: Who's Going Where?


In the weeks leading up to NBA free agency, Jimmy Butler's eventual destination was very much up in the air. The Chicago Bulls managed to sway him to re-sign on the first day he was eligible, though, with a maximum-salary offer -- $90 million over five years.

At the very least, one very important Bulls fan has issued his support.

During an #AskPotus session on Twitter Wednesday, President Barack Obama fielded questions from tweeters on various topics. Considering his basketball affinity and Chi-Town roots, the Bulls typically come up in these Q&As, and today was no different.

There you have it! He doesn't seem to understand that an agreement has been reached (maybe he has more important things going on), but he certainly got his message across. We have a happy president.

$90 million is a lot of bread for a young, relatively unproven player, but Butler is coming off an incredible year -- and had been threatening to bolt for the Lakers if Chicago didn't come through with this max offer.

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