McDonald's to start selling lobster rolls

McDonalds to Start Selling Lobster Rolls

McDonald's is apparently going to start making lobster rolls. The fish is pretty expensive, but if you're into Mickey D's cracking shells for you, you'll supposedly get your wish by the end of the summer. It will be a pile of 'lobster' with mayonnaise and lettuce on a home toasted roll.

Believe it or not, it's not the first time McDonald's has put out a full scale lobster roll. It was also a thing in '93. Many people have a hard time trusting lobster unless it comes from a more expensive place. Back in the 1800s, lobster was considered peasant food, but the difference there was that the peasants were pulling the lobster right out of the ocean themselves--and not getting it from a fast-food chain.

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McDonald's to start selling lobster rolls

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