Kind-hearted pit bull is obsessed with farm's baby chickens and turkeys

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Kind-Hearted Pitbull Is Obsessed with Farm's Baby Chickens and Turkeys

Jules the pit bull has made some unlikely friends on her owner's Ohio farm.

The gentle giant loves to take care of chicks and baby turkeys on the property in Bryan, and seeks out the neediest newborns to shower with love.

Just days ago, a terrified turkey was born on the farm and Jules turned her attention to the young bird.

See Jules the pit bull snuggle with her adorable best friends​:

Jules the pit bull loves to snuggle with her adorable best friends
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Kind-hearted pit bull is obsessed with farm's baby chickens and turkeys
(Photo credit: Youtube)
(Photo credit: Youtube)
(Photo credit: Youtube)
(Photo credit: Youtube)
(Photo credit: Youtube)
(Photo credit: Youtube)
(Photo credit: Youtube)

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"She loves the helpless ones," owner Isaiah Harrison told INSIDE EDITION. "The more helpless, the more she wants to be by it."

The caring canine didn't even flinch as other chicks perched on her back as she tended to the turkey.

"As you can see in the video, she didn't pay much attention to the baby chickens," Harrison added. "She just wanted to make sure that baby turkey was OK."

Jules not only plays with the baby birds, she guards them, too, Harrison said. He added that she's obsessed with baby birds of any kind.

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"She loves nothing more than a freshly-born baby bird," he said. "When we walk over to the incubator that's in the house, she could be half asleep and she will jet over there to check with us to see if anymore life is about to emerge."

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Kind-hearted pit bull is obsessed with farm's baby chickens and turkeys
(Photo by Inti St Clair via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Newman via Getty Images)
(Photo by GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images)
(Photo by Wayne R Bilenduke via Getty Images)
(Photo by Dorgie Productions via Getty Images)
(Photo by Fuse via Getty Images)
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(Photo by Gail Shumway via Getty Images)
(Photo by James Balog via Getty Images)
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