How to easily fake the perfect beach bod

Beach Body Workout Tips
Boost your bust: "A good rule is to go down one size on the bikini top and go up one size on the bottom. Having a looser bottom means it won't pinch the skin and make it bulge in places—but on top, you want the bulge." —Jessica Paster, celebrity stylist

Stand like Barbie:"When you're at the beach, try to stand on the balls of your feet. It makes you look longer and leaner, but because your feet sink into the sand a bit, it's not obvious what you're trying to do. Some people call the look the Barbie Toe."—Hannah Davis, 2015's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model

(Photo: Daniel Ward/Gallery Stock)

Hide your mosquito bites: "Just take a water-resistant foundation (I like the ones by Shiseido and Lancôme) and dab it on with a beauty sponge to blend in with your skin. Treat mosquito bites like you would a pimple: If it's really red, you can add a bit of green-tinted concealer, like the one by Physicians Formula, and you can minimize the bump by finishing with a dusting of translucent powder. Even if you splash in the water, the camouflage effect will last." —Nick Barose, makeup artist for Lupita Nyong'o

Zap away big-toe hair: "Laser hair removal is not painful for the toe; it feels like a little bit of a pinch and takes one minute. You have to do it for at least seven sessions, and they're $150 a toe, but it works." —Lele Gomes, aesthetician at the Rita Hazan Salon

Spray on an hourglass shape: "Use self-tanner to contour the body. First, apply it (either spray or cream formula) head to toe and let it dry for at least five minutes. Then apply another coat on just the sides of your stomach; go one to two shades darker, blending in any excess with a foundation sponge. In six hours, you'll have the illusion of a nipped-in waist." —Anna Stankiewicz, celebrity spray-tanner

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How to easily fake the perfect beach bod
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