Here is how you can charge your phone with a stick like a caveman

Epic iPhone Microwave Charge Fail (With Bleeps)

Forget trying to charge your iPhone in the microwave, all you need is a stick, and Ramon Marc's idea.

The Swiss interaction designer's new invention makes the act of charging your phone as a ritual of the digital nomad by getting rid of cables and going back to the origins of the human kind.

This phone-charging experience is called IMTI and it uses the ancient process of rubbing two sticks together to make fire, except this time instead of fire they are making energy for your smartphone.

According to Marc, we are all digital nomads, and this is defined as "a person, who uses technology, particularly wireless networking, to work and live, without requiring a fixed location."

Marc's goal is to highlight that charging your phone is a ritual and this new process gives it an extra level of reflection.

Here is IMTI in action:

IMTI: the act of charging as a ritual of the digital nomad from Nils Edison on Vimeo.

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