The 5 people you'll never speak to after college graduation

People say we meet our best life-long friends in college. While this is true, we also meet a lot of people we'll never speak to after graduation. As we say goodbye to a life of partying, studying, eating, procrastinating, and never sleeping, we also say goodbye to certain people who only belonged in that phase of our lives. It was wild, but now the real world's calling. Here are the 5 people you'll never speak to after college.

1. The study buddy

While in college, you guys were basically the same person. You shared the same majors and study tactics and you both valued your time in the classroom. You never really understood why you never hung out in a more social setting.

After college, you realize that the only things you really had in common were your academic interests. You may have meshed perfectly in the library, but you're not about to bond over a bottle of wine.

2. The roommate

You haven't done the college thing until you've experienced a rude, awkward, immature, annoying, or overall bad roommate. While you may have put up with it in order to live a cordial existence in the claustrophobic box of space you shared, you are so done with it after graduation. Hello peace, goodbye passive-aggressiveness.

3. The partier

You didn't just graduate from twin XL beds, all-you-can-eat dining hall food, and 12-hour studying cramming sessions. Leaving college also means leaving your friends Jose Cuervo, Captain Morgan, and Jack Daniel behind. It may not be a full-fledged breakup, but you're definitely going to need a bit more space.

Taking a break from the party scene also means taking a break from the party instigator. He or she may have been a blast in college, but after a long day in the office you've pencilled in a date night with your couch and old pals Ben and Jerry.

4. The stoner

He may have seemed intellectually stimulating and excitingly rebellious in college, but now he's just an immature kid who needs to clean his room.

Now that you think about it, you're not even sure if he ever graduated.

5. The hookup

Seeing as how you will no longer be frequenting the same bars every Friday and Saturday night, there's absolutely no reason to contact this person ever again. The late night booty calls may have been exhilarating once upon a time, but now the whole "relationship" is just a memory of an old flame you had to get out of your system. No regrets.

Watch this video to see everything you actually will miss after graduation:

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