Twitter asks, 'What will you do with your extra second?'

What You Can Do with Your 'Leap Second'
As you've probably heard, there's going to be an extra second to your day today. It has to do with a discrepancy between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and astronomical time.

Naturally, though, people on Twitter have given a name to the extra second a name ("leap second"), and a hashtag, #leapsecond, that has been trending on Twitter all day.

Both Twitter users and brands alike have taken advantage of the trend, with most of them asking the question, "What will you do with your extra second?"

Some are claiming that they've already wasted theirs, but considering that the extra second doesn't come until just before midnight (23:59:60, to be exact), those people are wrong. Check out our favorite answers to the question that we found on Twitter below:

More information about the "leap second":

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