Tar-covered puppy shows immense love and gratitude to her rescuers

Tar-Covered Puppy Shows Immense Love And Gratitude To Her Rescuers

Recently, workers for Animal Aid Unlimited in India had a very sad, tar-covered puppy on their hands.

After a lot of washing, they ended up with one very clean and grateful little dog.

A neighborhood boy found the small street canine stuck in a recently repaired patch of road.

He was able to pull the pup free and take her home, but realized more help was needed and placed a call to Animal Aid Unlimited.

Despite it being 9 o'clock at night, staffers got to work immediately, loosening the tar with vegetable oil and wiping it off.

It took four rounds of baths to get the three-month-old dog tar-free, but based on the puppy's response, she was immensely appreciative of all the work they'd done.

Video shows her running, jumping, and showering one of the rescue team workers with cuddles and kisses.

The organization, which runs a hospital and sanctuary for ownerless animals, hopes the story will raise awareness to the importance of rescuing street dogs.
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