Smart fashion is the new frontier for tech

Emotionally-Charged Sweater Lights Up to Reveal Your Mood

Wearable technology is pushing the boundaries of its applications far beyond fitness trackers and futuristic looking watches and glasses.

It is venturing into the world of fashion.

Companies have been trying to incorporate technology to provide clothing with an extra level of interaction between the user and the surrounding environment.

San Francisco based company Sensoree introduced the idea of a smart sweater that shows your mood. The sweater has sensors that reach the palm of your hands and are connected to lights around the neck, which changes color depending on your feelings.

More recently they also have applied the concept to a brain sensor.

Similarly, the German company ElektroCouture has been experimenting with mixing new materials together, producing beautiful pieces ranging from glowing bow ties and led jewelry to scarves you can recharge via USB cable.

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