Red, white & blueberry: This might be the most patriotic dessert of all time

Charles Phoenix just gave us one more reason to love this great nation.

CHERBLUBLE !!! ... is the 4th of July version of the CHERPUMPLE !!! ... a summery BLUBERRY pie replaces the autumnal Pumpkin pie !!! ... recipe at

Posted by Charles Phoenix on Monday, June 29, 2015

The American pop culture enthusiast put a patriotic spin on one of his signature desserts and alas, "The Cherbuble" was born. Composed of three cake layers stuffed with three different pies, "The Cherbuble" could very well be the most patriotic dessert of all time.

His original recipe, the "Cherpumple," used CHERry, PUMpkin, and apPLE pies with the aspiration of ending Thanksgiving dinner on a super sweet note. He switched out the pumpkin pie for a blueberry pie and introduced the "Cherpumple's" USA-lovin' cousin, the "Cherbuble".

Mark my words, I WILL make one of these one day #cherpumple

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America can't get enough of this massively chauvinistic creation:

You too can attempt the colossal confection:

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Red, white & blueberry: This might be the most patriotic dessert of all time
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