Photos of the iPhone 6s just leaked

iPhone 6S Features We Want
iPhone 6S Features We Want

While we are still months away from the next Apple launch, the website '9 To 5 Mac' managed to get their eyes on some exclusive images of the new product.

According to the article written by Mark Gurman, "a proven source familiar with Apple's supply chain has provided us with the most extensive look yet at Apple's next iPhone, sharing the first photos of the iPhone 6S's external metal casing, plus an in-depth look at the new iPhone's internals".

It looks like the device will remain nearly identical on the outside, while the inside is where a few changes are taking place.

The thickness and width will be the exact same as the current iPhone 6, similar to the transition from the iPhone 5 to the 5s, which kept the same size.

There seem to be no trace of a double camera, as some rumors had it. There are only two holes for camera and LED flash.

The inside presents a few changes in the mounting points for the logic board and the other components.

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