From poppy to dahlia, this company sizes its clothing with flowers

While some women exude confidence throwing on those size 0 leggings, others struggle to get on the treadmill with that tauntingly high number forever stamped on the tags of their tanks.

Working out should be about strength and empowerment, not self-consciousness or discomfort. That's why Rachel Blumenfeld founded Manifesta, the athletic clothing line that sizes its clothing with flowers, not numbers.

There's no hierarchy of sizes as far as Blumenfeld is concerned. When shoppers get to the Manifesta website, they may select sizes ranging from "poppy" to "dahlia." Women use an online measuring chart to determine their sizes. Women can now get the clothes that fit without any stigma getting in the way.

Blumenfeld said to Buzzfeed:

Blumenfeld seeks to change attitudes by changing names. Every flower is equally beautiful and there's no reigning supreme. Blumenfeld is redefining the sizing chart one flower at a time.

Manifesta stands against disruptive brands like Lululemon that discourage plus-sized clothing. Watch this video to see why the stigma against certain sizes needs to stop:

Lululemon Admits Plus-Size Clothing Is Not Part Of Its 'Formula'

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